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Puzzle 80: Themeless #12

Still ridin' the themeless train! I started this one with the three 15s running across (and their clues), then just tried to keep the corners wide open and free of "cheater squares." This is probably one of the more challenging themelesses I've made, especially lately, so I'm labelling this extra hard. Let me know how it goes...

Enjoy the solve, and share if you do!


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Long time no see! I'm sharing a new puzzle in the hopes of kickstarting my crossword construction machinery again after a long period of intermittent activity. I do have a few new crosswords out there since I last posted on this blog: 15x15 themed contest puzzle for the Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 2023 23x19 themed contest puzzle for MAA MathFest, August 2022 15x15 themeless puzzle in MAA FOCUS magazine, June 2023 (You can also find those in a big list on my website of all the mathy crosswords I've published.) Other than that, though, crosswording has been an occasional solving activity for me in recent months, but not so much a constructing activity. In part, I've been pretty busy with other work and life stuff: for instance, check out my book on voting methods , this teaching presentation , and this website ! I also have an amazing 5-year-old daughter who loved the  Grids for Kids puzzle pack  that came out recently. All that has made it hard t

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