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Puzzle 86: Themeless #18

Sharing another challenging themeless puzzle before I get swept into the swing of the spring semester next week. This one started with the spanner at 36-Across, followed by the top-right and bottom-left corners, and then the main diagonal sections fell into place later. I can also declare that this one has ZERO golf content, in case that's been bothering you about my recent puzzles (sorry, I'm building a wordlist). Instead, there's lots of music references (especially Scottish bands, for some reason) and a bit of mathematics. And you should definitely check out 36-Down's lovely flowers on Instagram! Enjoy the solve, and share if you do! puz pdf fullscreen solution

Puzzle 85: Themeless #17

First post of 2024! (Challenge: can you estimate how many digits long the factorial  2024! is?) This one started with 1-Across and a hope to maintain some 10-stacks with multiple entry points. Keeping those big open corners, along with the central spanners, forced a few more 3s into the grid than I wanted, so I hope you don't mind a handful of acronyms amongst the 66 entries. Also, a few clues involve long quotations, so the PDF doesn't fit on one page; I'm recommending a browser solve for this one. Enjoy the solve, and share if you do! puz pdf fullscreen solution