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Puzzle 75: Just pointing something out (Mini for kids)

Something different today: a 7x7 easy, themed mini designed for kids! My daughter is off to kindergarten in a few weeks (😲) so I've been spending a lot of time with her this summer (🤗). She has enjoyed working on the Grids for Kids puzzle pack  with me, so I wanted to make a special puzzle just like those but with some of her interests included. The paired theme answers here (9-Across and 12-Across) fit together well and reference some books she has been loving, too. She ended up "solving" the puzzle with lots of guidance from me, but I do believe it's doable by anyone who is able to read the clues. (If you're so inclined, please try it for yourself and let me know what you think about the age-level.) Enjoy the solve, and share if you do! puz pdf fullscreen solution

Puzzle 74: Across the Seas + Puzzles available on Redstone and Crosswordr

I made this puzzle a while ago as part of a pack of themed puzzles for the Redstone  puzzle app but totally forgot they don't allow oversized grids, like this 16x15 one. So, I'll just share it here for y'all to enjoy, while also saying... You can now find a bunch of new puzzles from me  on the Redstone  app! Just like the last time I released some puzzles there , you'll find two packs: 15x15, themed, medium difficulty: This pack contains 10 puzzles with themes of various kinds -- some wordplay, some trivia -- but nothing super tricky. If a theme felt too easy, I tried to balance it out with some more challenging fill, aiming for a "medium" solving experience overall. 7x7, themeless, hard difficulty:  Each of the 25 themeless mini puzzles in this pack has a bunch of 7-letter entries (for fun and tricky cluing) and 3-letter entries (to help you get a foothold while solving). (If there's enough interest, I could make those puzzles available in puz or pdf for