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BWS Puzzle 1: Medium Shade

First puzzle to share! After years of making crosswords with mathematical themes (and, most recently, making a ton of 10x10s), I wanted to jump back into making standard puzzles. This is a 15x15 whose theme was inspired by reading books with my 3-year-old daughter at bedtime. My guess for the difficulty is a tough Tuesday , but I'm open to discussion on that. Enjoy the solve, and share if you do! Constructive feedback in the comments is always welcome. Download links:   [ puz ]   [ pdf ]   [ solution ]

Caution: WORDS XING!

I'm starting a crossword blog, and this is it! Here's a quick summary of my crossword journey to this point: I've enjoyed puzzles of all kinds since childhood: logic games, crosswords, Scrabble, brainteasers, trivia, etc. I started playing competitive Scrabble tournaments in college and kept that up for a few years, but haven't played in a while. In grad school, friends and I would solve the New York Times  crossword together daily, and I starting exploring the indie puzzle-verse, as well. I made a bunch of crosswords just for fun, but didn't really share them beyond my circle of friends. I also made some crosswords with indie music themes to share on a website I was working for about the local music scene. (If you lived in Pittsburgh around 2010-2012 and remember the  Draw Us Lines blog, let me know!) After that, I got caught up with finishing grad school and entering academia. I would still solve puzzles for fun, but not as often as before. I started making some